Music of Rahma'tullah

Rahma’tullah Dominic Young, our dear beloved from Detroit, has been blessed with a truly splendid voice. He uses this voice to praise and glorify Allah and His Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him.

Song of JerusalemIn 2003, Rahma’tullah released his first cd, entitled Song of Jerusalem. The title track is a rendition of a poem writing by our guide Sidi, in which Jerusalem is crying for the people of the One God to join together to bring the peace, love and mercy to its streets. It is said that Jerusalem is the heart of the world. As with us, as long as there is war in the heart, there can never be peace for the world. May Allah grant us peace and may He save His Holy City from destruction and violence. Amin.

Song of Jerusalem is available for purchase. Please contact Rahma’tullah for information about how to purchase a copy. He’s also working on a future project. Feel free to ask him about it. You can listen to each track in its entirety below in RealOne Player.

As-salamu alaikum (peace be upon you)

Song of Jerusalem


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