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ufi Heart is a website dedicated to spreading the Sufi message of love, peace, mercy and justice. It is a path of heart transformation where the seeker purifies their heart of everything but Allah. Our teachings come from the time honored tradition of the Shadhiliyya Sufi’s started in Morocco by Abul Hasan Shadduli. Our guide, Dr. Muhammad B. Yahya al Husayni al Ninowy. He is a guide of the love, whose teaching comes from the Shadhiliyya, Qadari, and Rifa’I orders. Our path is Sufi-Sunni Islam. The Shaykh (may Allah protect him always) facilitates the Suluk (spiritual journey) of the Path Seeker on the Rifa’i, Shathili, and Qadiri ways.

Our way is a straight way for coming into direct experience and knowledge of God. As those following a sufi path, we strive to “see” the Reality of God’s Existence within all creation. Our goal is not merely having the knowledge which one can gain from books. But truly living in this Reality moment-by-moment. We attempt this through prayer, supplication, our work, family and personal lives, even while sleeping.

Tasting is often a word we use to describe the beginning of this process of directly experiencing God’s Reality. Think of an apple. There are many ways to go about gaining knowledge of an apple – its smell, its taste, its texture. You could read books, have conversations, even watch videos. But until you take your own bite from the apple, you’ve not had the experience of the apple. We feel that all knowledge without experience is incomplete. It’s not wrong, just not complete. Knowledge can lead you to direct experience, but it is not experience itself. As it is said, “those who have tasted know, those who have not, do not know.” The example of the apple illustrates the sufi’s desire for direct relationship with God through tasting.

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