If your heart is troubled, suffering, or broken- Sufism is the way to heal was ails your heart. It is a way to find Peace, Love, Mercy, Justice and Freedom. The Sufi Path is ancient. It’s knowledge has been handed down from person to person until it has reached the Shaykh who can guide you.

At its core, Sufism is an in-depth, spiritual science that involves itself with direct knowledge of God. This science can lead you from the limits of your egoic self (or the nafs) to the limitless secrets of Truth (al-Haqq) that exist inside you – leading to the Truth of who you are.

The Sufi Path as outlined by Shaykh Muhammad Ninowy supports you to live your Truth as a part of the world; with your family, in your job, through acts of kindness and caring, and through the helping of anyone who needs help; to see the Truth (al-Haqq) inside everything. As God has said, if you love Me and wish to do right by Me, then love your brothers and sisters and do right by them. In this way, everything becomes a prayer, whether taking out the garbage, playing ball with your son, kissing your spouse, closing the business deal, eating dinner, or sitting quietly in contemplation.

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