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Illuminating Guidance on the Dropping of Self Direction

by Shaykh ‘Ibn ‘ATA”Illa As-Sakandari
This book is the quintessence of all the books on Sufism. The book shows clearly the importance of complete surrender to your Lord. He outlines how and why this isn’t just possible but essential for a traveler on the path to Allah.

cost: $30.00

How to Heal Your Broken Heart

by Dr. Kirk Habib Laman
Finally, A Book for People with Suffering Hearts. Are Your Ready to Begin Healing Your Heart
But Don’t Know Where to Start?
Then take a few minutes to learn about a method that has helped many people get better.
If you are like most people, you or someone you know suffers with heart problems. You may have an actual heart illness or just be plagued with a troubled heart: sadness, loneliness, fear, despondency, anxiety, or depression.
You probably have already received treatment. You may be under a doctor’s care. Perhaps you’ve seen a counselor or psychotherapist, but the sadness and pain you feel hasn’t improved like you wanted.

cost: $21.00

He Who Knows Himself Knows His Lord

This phenomenal book outlines for the traveler the steps needed to know their Lord. It is a very practical work for overcoming the nafs and moving quickly down the path to Allah.
Some Chapters:
-I am traveling to my Lord
-Consciousness and Reverence of Allah and guarding one’s self against evil
-The veils between the slave and his Lord.
-The Satisfied or contented self
Plus many others. You want to read this inspiring book

Price: $40.00 + Shipping and Handling: $7.00

Heal Yourself: There is Medicine for Every Illness

Heal Yourself offers more plant remedies for many illnesses. Sidi writes: The purpose of the book is to manifest the role played by herbs and alternative medicine in our life. It is also to teach us how to maintain good health by making use of plants and herbs.
Learn how to heal baldness, treat bedwetting, or tooth ache- Plus hundreds of other remedies

Price: $24.00 + Shipping and Handling: $6.50


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