Books by Shaykh Sidi Muhammad al-Jamal ar-Rifa'i ash-Shadhuli

Secret of the Spirit

Did You Miss Sidi Muhammad’s Teachings in 2007? The Secret of the Spirit is a compilation of all of Muhammad al-Jamal’s Teachings in 2007. Recorded and then transcribed- the book captures all of the wisdom of Sidi Muhammad from 2007.
In Secret of the Spirit Sidi Muhammad unveils many of the inner secrets to help the spiritual traveler in making her migration from the world of the creation to the world of the Creator.
You won’t want to miss this compendium in which Sidi passionately calls for the human being to shed the entanglements of the lower self.
“Look with the eye that is full of love and mercy. Talk with the tongue that is full of love and politeness, and courteous manners. Then you will be manifesting the divine qualities that Allah commanded you to manifest.”
“For the healer to be a true healer you must have a heart full of love and mercy and peace. This will be the secret of your ability to heal. To carry these qualities is the secret of healing.”
(Note many of the teachings in Secret of the Spirit follow the book,:”He Who Knows Himself Knows His Lord”)

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Spiritual Discourses in the Blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque

My beloved, these are lessons I taught in al-Masjid al-Aqsa over the past forty years. They include Noble Ayat from the Quran, The Holy Book of Allah and Holy Conversations narrated by our Master Guide.

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The Migration of the Truthful Traveller

Although this book is very short, it is a profound offering and appeal of the Shaykh to his students drawing their attention to the science of worship and knowledge which are the keys to the straight path to Allah.

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The Ship of the Family of the Prophet

This book provides a rare glimpse into the world of imagination, within the world of images, revealing the names of the Reality. Imagination provides both the dense and subtle qualities of the human being with the only path to true knowledge of self and God because imagination brings intelligible meanings down into sensory forms. This book is a must for every traveler on the path toward knowledge of this Creator.

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Music of the Soul

The Music of the Soul is an introduction to the teachings of the guide of the peace and the love and the mercy to the Way of Allah through the Religion of the Unity in the Sufi Way. This is the path of all the prophets and messengers. It is a very important door way for any student to the way of return to our Real life. This book is the most important one for anyone who wishes to begin taking from this knowledge. All of Sidi’s other books refer back to the knowledge given here.

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The Meanings of the Names of Our Lord

The Meaning of the Names of Our Lord This book contains 99 names of God and their manings. There is a hadith which says, “To God belongs ninety-nine names.” So that while any two lists add up to more than ninety-nine, any one list is limited to this number. The names are revealed directly in al-Qur’an, or from the meaning given in certain passages, or they are names that are traditionally known, but are not in al-Qur’an. Some names are found derived from the Arabic grammar of the names in al-Qur’an, but they are not widely accepted.

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