The Path to Allah, Most High

Sidi has said this book carries the complete understanding of the real tasawwuf (sufism). “I say, calling upon my Lord and calling upon His generosity, “O You Who created the tree of the world and Who gave it the fruits of the sons of Adam and who chose from among them Muhammad, O our God, guide us to the straight path and make us steadfast in Your right religion. O our Lord, do not entrust our affairs to ourselves, not even for the blink of an eye. Bestow upon us Your gifts and take us by you from us and grant us the gift of Your existence in us. Make us develop in the ocean of Your gifts through the constancy of the tajjal¦ of Your jamal and jalal. O God of all the worlds, by Your mercy, O Most Merciful and by Your generosity, O Most Generous, I say all of this (which you read in this book) as a reminder so that whoever wishes may take a way towards his lord.”

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Tafsir of Juz 'Amma

An explication and detailed explanation of the meanings of al-Fatihah [Q1] and of Juz ‘Amma [Q78 to Q114] in their Shari’ah (their outer meaning) sense and their Haqqiqah (deep inner meaning) sense. About this book Sidi writes: “My beloveds! You who aspire to the ways leading to the gate of the Truth (al-Haqq), that you may obtain experiential gnosis (of Him), and seek the provisions that you may tread the Path of your Master until He takes charge of your affairs, and thus attain success through the greater established road, wich is none other than arrival to Him, while not turning your attentions to other than Him, to be gifted with His pure love that you may sit upon the carpet of truthfulness in the Presence of an All-Powerful Sovereign: Open your hearts to listen to the Words of your Cherisher and Lover. For by His guidance have the guided ones been guided by Him, so they are the rightly guided, and whomever He allows to be misguided, then there is no guiding helper able to direct him correctly.”

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The Children of the Truth

The Children of the Truth by Shaykh Muhammad Said al-Jamal ar-Rifa`i and Maryam Muhammad Abdullah serves as a means for ordering and linking together the lives and sayings of our Masters and those blessed beings who lived in the time following the death of the Prophet Muhammad, prayers and peace be upon him, whose lives were examples of the Love of Allah made manifest in this world. These were the earliest of the People of Tasawwuf when to be a true Sufi, as one of them said, “Was to be a Reality without a name.” Whereas in our day, to be a Sufi has become a name without a Reality.

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How the Arrival is Realized, O People of Hearts and Souls and Intellects

In this book our Shaykh unveils the meanings of the belief of the gnostics who know Allah by Allah. It is an ordering and description of the stations and states of the travellers as they disappear and their abiding stations come to naught until that which has never existed perishes (fana) and that which has always been abides and remains (baqa).

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The Splendid Garden of the Truths

This book contains 48 discourses on the Reality of the Existence, and the Soul as an Image of Life through the Eye of He who Exists. In this book, Sidi has said that he has described the stations and states of the guide and of the real Shaykh. As one long-time student of Sidi’s has said about this book, “I have lived all my life only to receive this teaching from my guide. This is the essence of all the teachings that have come before it.”

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Spiritual Medicine and Natural Remedies

This book describes the medicine used by the Prophet, may the blessings and peace of Allah be upon him, to heal diseases of hearts and bodies and to prescribe to others. This book describes and gives remedies for spiritual illness using the Holy Qur’an in the tradition of the Prophet of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him. There is also a large section of the book given to physical remedies and healing foods for a large variety of ailments. For those who wish to live a healthy and vibrant life, the knowledge shared in this book is vital.

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Natural Remedies Supplement

Natural Remedies Supplement is just that, a short, supplemental volume to the book Spiritual Medicine and Natural Remedies. It contains many more remedies for physical illnesses and ailments. Among those are backache, kidney stones, cataracts, diabetes, PMS, common cold, lactose intolerance, insomnia, and many more. Unlike Spiritual Medicine and Natural Remedies, this book does contain any further spiritual medicines, but instead focuses on treatment for physical ailments with physical remedies.

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